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Technology and Society

How data quality impact on a discriminatory and biased outcome in Machine Learning.

Much is said about discriminations and biases through predictions and profiles made by Machine Learning algorithms, but very little is said about the quality of the data used to train that algorithm as one of the causes of those discriminations.

In this article I talk about the problem of using low data quality to train algorithms, and how organizations can be more transparent and ethical.

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Data Ethics

How Zip Code is used for price discrimination.

Online pricing policies are generally not transparent to customers, and are based on parameters that we completely ignore. This opens up a series of opportunities for online price discrimination. Zip Codes and user’s location data are usually used to this end, and it is scientifically demonstrated.

In this article I have reviewed different price discrimination cases in different areas where you can realize that you actually are also a victim.

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Data Ethics

Historical sentence of the Court of The Hague striking down the collection of data and profiling for Social Security fraud (SyRI).

On February 5th, the Court of The Hague issued a historic sentence striking down the data collection, in the poorest neighbourhoods, and profiling in order to detect Social Security fraud in Holland (SyRI).

It is a significant sentence, with an international impact, for algorithmic decision-making in the public sector, which will mark a before and after.

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