At Transparent Internet we believe there is a transparent, ethical and reliable way of doing business.

Our mission is to contribute to a positive change in society by helping organisations to design and implement their Artificial Intelligence system in a reliable, ethical and transparent way.

The first step in working together is that an organisation’s board of directors must be very clear about two things. First, your organisation wants to be useful to society. And, second, there is a real willingness to be transparent, honest, and ethical. 

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are one of the most opaques and least understood areas nowadays in our society. That is the reason why we see Transparency and Ethics as a great opportunity for organizations.

We help organizations to simplify these complicated processes through consultancy, workshops, education, and research


CEO Co-Founder

Manuela Battaglini is a lawyer specialized in digital ethics and strategic marketing. She is a researcher on the impact of AI on society and democracy. She is currently a Ph.D. student in AI at the UPC, Cataluña (Spain).

As a result of her research, Manuela Battaglini was appointed by the Spanish government to be part of a group of experts to define the Spanish Charter of Digital Rights, where she leads the Ethical Considerations working group.

Manuela Battaglini has been asked to advise organizations in many sectors, such as governments, private banking, leading retail companies, public administration, European projects, among others, in the field of digital ethics and in the design of new technologies, helping to create a competitive advantage for private companies and to increase the trust of citizens, in the case of public administration.



Steen Rasmussen is a scientist and an entrepreneur.

He is a professor in physics and a centre director at the University of Southern Denmark as well as an external research professor at the Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico, USA. His research interests include the physics of living and intelligent processes, development of minimal living protocells, technology evolution, and the societal impact of living and intelligent technologies.

He has consulted on science and technology issues for the European Commission, the Danish Parliament, the German Bundestag, the US Congress, NGO’s as well as private organizations.