The Digital Ethical Principles that should be in force in our society

Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

I was reading articles about the Digital Service Act and the more I read about this regulation, the more I was remembering the Ethical Considerations of the Spanish Charter of Digital Rights. The Ethical Considerations group consisted of: Carissa Véliz, Paloma Llaneza, José Luis Piñar, Instituto Hermes, Simona Levi, Miguel Pérez Subías, and led by […]

How data quality impact on a discriminatory and biased outcome in Machine Learning.


Much is said about discriminations and biases through predictions and profiles made by Machine Learning algorithms, but very little is said about the quality of the data used to train that algorithm as one of the causes of those discriminations.

In this article I talk about the problem of using low data quality to train algorithms, and how organizations can be more transparent and ethical.