Conferences and Workshops

Focused on Technology, Society, Law, Ethics, and Transparency.


We offer workshops tailored to your organization.

We provide overviews, deep analysis as well as special topic requests.

Example topics we offer as workshops content:

  • How technologies change what it means to be human
  • Co-evolution of technology and society
  • Machine Learning and Big Data
  • Transparency and ethics in automated decision-making processes and personal profiling
  • Design your auto-regulation framework based on our 6-step method.

Feel free to request workshop issues not explicitly listed here.

We design workshops to fit your needs within ethics, law, society, and technology.

We have extensive experience as consultants, educators and inspirational speakers ranging from the European Commission, US Congress, National Governments over private companies, NGOs, and educational institutions.

We offer workshops, private sessions and corporate training events.

The objective is to provide members and leaders of organizations with the necessary understanding and methodology to direct and implement processes of Ethics and Transparency in the complex world of automated decision-making and personal profiling.

Workshop formats include:

  • Two hour session with an introductory lecture followed by an open discussion.
  • Four hour session with an introductory lecture followed by round table/group discussions focused on specific topics followed by an open concluding discussion.
  • One day workshop with a kick-off morning lecture and a kick-off afternoon lecture, each followed by round table/group discussions focused on specific issues and concluding with cross cutting discussions. Workshop can include organized drafting of a collective document.
  • Two-day workshop that enable your organization to dive deeper into selected topics and potentially include a collectively written draft conclusion from the workshop.


Conferences topic examples.
Feel free to request Conference topics not explicitly listed here.

  • Technology development, society and what it means to be human.
  • AI, Machine Learning and Big Data Technologies.
  • Automated decision making and profiling – Legal and Ethical challenges and how to solve them.
  • Why is it necessary to design a legal and ethical Autoregulation Framework? And how is such a framework developed?